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Church Ministries

Legacy Builders

Legacy Builders is designed to equip intentional grandparents to pass on a spiritual legacy to their grandchildren and to help change the worldview views of how grandparents interact with their grandchildren by understanding what the Bible says about being a parent and grandparent.  We offer Legacy Builders to grandparents as well as parents who will, in the future, become grandparents.  These small group sessions are rich in Biblical principles and build a foundation for leaving a legacy for generations to come.

Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry at Community Church is focused on making disciples of Jesus Christ who are committed to the mission of making other disciples. Our goal is to implement the Disciplemaking Plan at our church for men through intentional and committed study of the word, fellowship, prayer and accountability.


FIXITS are volunteers who are tasked with the care and maintenance of the three buildings on our campus. The group meets each Thursday for breakfast and then starts in on the morning activities which may include carpentry, light plumbing and electrical or landscaping projects.


We play a small but exciting part in realizing a great multitude beyond number from every tribe, tongue, and nation standing before God's throne (Revelation 7:9). Our team is privileged to further Jesus' commission to "make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28: 19), specifically across borders and cultures!  As volunteers, we meet regularly to nurture and empower our missionaries, pray, steward our financial efforts, to equip those preparing to go short or long-term, and to engage our church in God's powerful work around the globe.
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Security Team

The Community Church Security Team (informally, "Sheepdogs") is a church ministry that provides a safe environment conducive to the worship of God and the study of His Word. We work to welcome and direct visitors and help to resolve any uncommon issues within the body during our services.

Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry is intended to equip women in deepening their faith so that they can share the Good News of Christ with their family, friends and neighbors. We strive to be a support for one another and to spur one another on to love and good works.
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Youth Ministry

Our youth ministry at WPCC desires to be a support to students and their families as they walk through those ever-changing years of 6th through 12th grade. We gather together on Thursday nights for fun, community, worship, and growing together in what it means to follow Christ and lead others to follow Him. We are a group that has a lot of fun from week to week and through the many events throughout the year. If you have any questions, please contact our Family Pastor anytime. We look forward to getting to know you!

Children’s Ministry

Our Children's Ministry exists to assist parents in building a firm spiritual foundation in the lives of their children and to teach the entire council of God's Word, pointing children always to Christ. We have Sunday morning Bible study classes for infants through 5 years old during the worship service. For grade school students, we offer a Children's Church for 1st-3rd grade. All classes follow the sermon series to unify and facilitate discussions between parents and children. Our prayer is that each child will follow Jesus and lead others to follow Him.
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Community Groups

Small Groups are at the heart of what we do at our church. They're the setting where real ministry takes place as we study God's Word while supporting and sharing our lives with each other. Being a part of a small group is the best way to get connected to our church family. They make "That church I attend" become "My church".
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Kitchen Ministry

Overseeing the kitchen means keeping it clean after it’s been used, keeping it stocked after supplies have been used, and keeping it ready to go for the next group to use it. This ministry is vital and invisible at the same time.

Communion Prep Ministry

Communion ministry sets up juice and crackers before service starts. It is a beautiful way to be a part of the bread of life. Praying while we do this connects our hearts with the memory if what Jesus Christ did the night he was betrayed. This ritual is how He wanted us to come together in His name, until He comes again. This ministry is simple, yet profound.


GPS Life Journey is like a navigator, guiding you to discover and engage in God’s special purpose for your life. GPS Life Journey gives people the desire and the tools to know God better, to know God’s purpose for their life, and begin doing it. We offer periodic short courses to help you discover your spiritual gifts, understand the needs of the body and engage in life-giving service in our church, our community and our world.

Business Management Team

The Business Management team assists the Elder Board by dealing with many of the Business issues confronting the Church. We review and recommend the annual budget to the Elder Board, analyze the various insurance options for the staff and our facilities. We also oversee the investments of the Church.


MOPS International encourages and equips moms of young children to realize their potential as mothers, women and leaders, in relationship with Jesus, and in partnership with the local church. This purpose is accomplished primarily through relationships built among mothers as they interact, share ideas, encourage each other, and find that they are not alone.


Storehouse seeks to honor God and follow the teachings of Jesus by ministering to those in need in the Woodland Park area. We provide financial assistance, counseling, emergency shelter, transitional housing, firewood, household goods, medical equipment, food bags and the good news of Jesus Christ. We seek to affirm that which is good and generous in our community and that which is consistent with God’s word, His character and His plan for our lives.


Many believe that people visiting a church for the first time have already made up their minds as to whether they will come back before the first word is spoken in the sanctuary. We want to integrate newcomers into our church body by making them feel welcome and connected. When we serve in the Hospitality ministry, we are the hands and feet of Jesus and play a vital role in following Him and leading others to follow him.

Greeters and Ushers

We serve as a part of the Hospitality Ministry at Woodland Park Community Church. Greeters are positioned at the front doors of the building and Ushers are in the Worship Center. Both positions require a love for the Lord Jesus and for our congregation, the ability to smile warmly and genuinely and a sharp eye to detect a need and know how to meet it. We want to be a body that shows hospitality and loves one another.


Being able to connect and serve our church body through caffeine is a blessing and a joy. When members, fellow worshipers and new people come in, coffee seems to be an easy way to share smiles and the good word of God. Showing people the light of Jesus through kind words (and coffee) is a subtle yet powerful way to plant a seed in His name. The coffee ministry simply places carafes, cups and love before our fellow brothers and sisters.

Christian Counseling

Our Lay Counseling Program is based on the principles God has given us in Scripture. We provide counseling to help people meet the challenges of life in a way that will please and honor the Lord Jesus Christ and enable them to fully enjoy His love for them and His plans for their life. Our desire is to walk alongside those who are struggling by providing prayer, encouragement, and a listening ear (1 Thessalonians 5:14).

Connection Ministry Team

This team helps our church get people connected into the church body. This involves taking first time guests, walking with them through the membership process, to a place of being involved in a ministry of serving, and joining a small group.

Serving Ministry

This team involves all who serve as leaders of ministries that use volunteers as well as others who would like to be a part of this team to help it run smoothly. The purpose and intent for the Serving Ministry is to streamline the pathway for current WPCC members and attendees as well as new members and attendees to engage in service to Our Lord through WPCC and beyond.


Thrive exists as an extension of the love of Jesus Christ and mandate to care for the orphan. We follow Jesus and lead others to follow Jesus by caring for adoptive/foster care families as they raise those entrusted to them. We encourage them as they face hardships, celebrate with them as they experience victories, and support them by coming alongside them to care for their needs. There is an orphan crisis among us in our small town and beyond, we want to glorify God as Christians that come together to support the difficult reality that exists for children who have been abused and neglected. Please join us.

Learning Center

WPCC Learning Center is a Christ centered Early Learning/Preschool program for children a year old through five years old or until they start kindergarten. We believe that each person is created by God with value and unique potential. Therefore, The Learning Center provides an environment where each child has opportunities to develop a sense of self–worth and his/her own unique gifts.

We provide each child with a structured setting in which to learn social interaction skills, early literacy(pre-reading) skills, early math and sequencing skills, recognition of colors, numbers, letters and many other academic skills. (During the program hours, your child will have opportunities to learn through centers, Bible stories, varied art experiences, sensory activities, music, lunch, outside play and quiet time.


The Prayer Ministry is the one that every one who comes to Community Church is part of, because we all pray. And we are all called to prayer. We need covering prayer before and during our worship services. We need intercession for our congregation. We need prayer teams to meet with people after each service. We need the intercessors whom God has laid a specific burden on. There are as many ways to serve in the Prayer Ministry as there are people attending our church. We invite you to kneel down and be counted.

Church Planting

We have become a church planting church since 2017. Our elders had a vision of expanding the Kingdom of God through church planting. We have been a part of two church plants to date. Vertical Church St Paul was started in 2017 as Chris Asmus was called to plant in St Paul, Minnesota. Fervent Church in Colorado Springs began September 2019 with Garrett Graupner as the pastor. They are both vibrant churches proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our team is currently researching and praying about other opportunities to plant churches in our local area and internationally. A wonderful aspect of this process to date has been working with other like minded churches across the U.S. to help make church planting successful. It reinforces that we are connected with other Christ followers throughout the world.

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